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hbo_gotfiction's Journal

Game Of Thrones [fan fiction for the TV canon]
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Fanfiction based EXCLUSIVELY on the HBO adaptation of 'Game of Thrones' - not the books.
In respect to the wishes of George R. R. Martin, to whom we all bow down, this is a fanfiction (and fanart, for that matter!) community for works based exclusively on the HBO adaptation of 'Game of Thrones' and that particular canon.
Fanfictions (...or art) welcome in any style, any pairing, as long as it's not about the books. Remember to specify ratings & disclaimers etc, etc & happy guilt-free fanficcing. Forgive us Mr Martin - we are your humble servants!***

A few simple rules to state :)

→ Since violence, sex, incest, swearing etc appears in the TV series then it's bound to appear in fanfics. Please warn and state clearly if you fanfic contains anything that anyone under 18 should not read.
→ Also in regards to the fics that are rated NC-17 please lock them to members only.
***→Fanfics that take place within the series must be LOCKED

→ All posts must be with a clear title and a header similar to this:

→ Please tag your posts! If there isn't a tag then just let a mod know and we will make one.
→ Of course the usual: no character/ship/author/fic bashing. If you don't like anything then don't read it. Also this is a slash friendly community!
→ Anything else then feel free to contact a mod.
→ Above all else though - HAVE FUN AND FANFIC! :D

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