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27 September 2012 @ 10:52 pm
Game of Thrones Fanfic: A Lion in the Winter (NC-17) WIP (Chapter 13-15/?)  

Title: A Lion in Winter
Author: alikat7
Pairing: Jon/OFC, Robb/OFC
Rating: Mature +
Disclaimer: The fan-created fiction herein relates to the HBO series, characters and story, and in no way references the book series. All works belong to David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, and HBO, and George R.R. Martin. Due to Martin's request that no fanfiction pertaining to his stories be created, this relates only to the television show. No offense is meant. Everything is purely for entertainment purposes. I own and claim nothing.

Summary: Deirdre is a Lannister, Jon is part of House Stark. They weren't supposed to be together but love has a mind of its own. When things fall apart, Robb has to protect the honor of their house no matter who it hurts. Can a woman truly love two men? Jon/OFC, Robb/OFC AU story - TV based.

Posted chapters: Chap 1 l Chap 2 l Chap 3 l Chap 4 l Chap 5 l Chap 6 l Chap 7 l Chap 8 l Chap 9 l Chap 10 l Chap 11 l Chap 12

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