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Fic: Don't do so well alone

Title: Don’t do so well alone
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Theon Greyjoy, Podrick Payne, Sansa Stark, Jon Snow
Content: (Highlight to view)*past torture, PTSD, mentioned castration*
Disclaimer: Game of Thrones belongs to HBO, no money is made with this fanwork.
Summary: On the way to the Wall, nothing quite makes sense to Theon. Not the way Sansa keeps staring at him, and certainly not the way Podrick keeps fussing over him. He doesn’t get it and just wishes they’d stop. Falling ill doesn’t help, either.
A/N: Spoilers for S06!

Read here on AO3.
Tags: character: jon snow, character: sansa stark, character: theon greyjoy

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