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Live my Life as It's Meant to Be

Title: Live my Life as it's Meant to Be
Author: reading_is_in
Character/Ship: Loras/Renly with Margaery and Cersei
Rating: M
Genre: AU
Summary: Written for the got-exchange. The prompt was 'Renly/Loras or Jon/Robb- They are roommates in college and are very attracted to each other but each of them is from an important family that expects them to make political marriages and so they are hesitant to act on their attraction to each other. Insert Angst'.
Spoilers: Nope
Warnings: Nope
Notes: tbh this is based on the true story of my bizarre young college life. Except without the prime minister's family being involved.

Live my Life as it's Meant to Be.
Tags: character: cersei lannister, character: margaery tyrell, ship: renly/loras

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