A N N A (aanathemaa) wrote in hbo_gotfiction,

Fallen Soldiers

Author: aanathemaa
Chapter/s: Oneshot
Pairing(s) / Characters: Renly Bratheon/Loras Tyrell
Genre: Angst / Alternate Universe
Warnings: Character Death
Rating: PG? No idea.
Disclaimer: My work is fan-fiction. I am in no way affiliated or associated with the the characters or the public figures used in this piece of work. I make no money out of my stories, they're all non-profit. My work is made for entertainment purposes only. Any similarity is purely coincidental.
Synopsis: Was it Renly? No. Oh, but it was Renly.
Comments: Unbetaed.

Was it Renly? No. Oh, but it was Renly.
Tags: ship: renly/loras

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